Why it is worthy to buy 5.11 Tactical Pants Women?

by Judy xie on Jun 15, 2022

Why it is worthy to buy 5.11 Tactical Pants Women?

What is 5.11 in Tactical Pants?

One must wonder what 5.11 means in tactical pants. In general, 5.11 relates to the explicit climbing grade in the Yosemite Decimal System. The 5.11 climbing grade is hard for beginners but can be achieved with proper training in due time.

 The origin of 5.11 Tactical Pants:

In the 1930s, 5.10 was the most difficult level to climb the Yosemite for most people, making 5.11 almost impossible to do at that time. However, someone was able to achieve the 5.11 climb, making it a fitting name for a pair of pants durable enough to climb the steep rocks in Yosemite. In this way, these pants were named 5.11. 5.11 pants are heavy-duty enough to withstand rugged terrains. It typically refers to a certain rock climbing difficulty level that was described in the Yosemite Decimal System. The 5.11 Tactical Pants have gone beyond their purpose — for only rock climbing. Now, they’re a popular fashion for civilians and other law enforcement officers.


Design SpecificationsMen's Tactical Ripstop Water Resistant Cargo Pants of 5.11 Tactical Pants Women:

These 5.11 tactical pants women are made up of rips stop fabric, with a fixed waistband articulated knees which means. Additionally, these have a Teflon finish. It also has multi-pockets for any day all-day activities. It is made of a patented two-way mechanical stretch fabric featuring a fully gusseted crotch. Gusseted manufacture offers an abundant room where it is needed most. Other features of Antarctica outdoor’s tactical pants include articulated knees, rip stop fabric, bartacking at major pressure points, and a tough Teflon finish to protect your pants and for added comfort. These pants are slightly water-resistant and dry super quickly. So they are actually very good pants for pretty much all weather. One of the inside pockets has space even for carrying AR magazine. These pants can be used while hiking, during any shooting sports, or while exercising, as they are super useful with all the pockets and durable at the same time.

G3 combat pants

 5.11 Tactical Pants Women Size Guide:

Before you invest in a new pair of high-performing 5.11 tactical pants women you need to be assured that you are buying the accurate size and fit for your body. Suitably fitting tactical pants let you move with flexibility and dexterity during both specialized and frivolous pursuits.

The main things which need to be taken into consideration while taking measurements are the waist and inseam. Because other than that these tactical pants come in a baggy and loose style, just to ensure comfort and ease of movement. You need to follow the following steps in order for perfect sizing:

  • Learn how to measure your waist. With the help of a tape measure, figure out your waist measurements precisely in terms of inches or centimeters, whatever suits you well. Just for the sake of re-assurance re-measure your waist in order to eliminate any chances of error.
  • Match your size. Once you are familiar with your waist measurements in inches or centimeters, you can find the correct size of 5.11 tactical women’s pants by matching them to our sizing chart.
  • Choose your inseam. In addition to size and color preferences, most of our women's pants come with at least two of the subsequent inseam choices: short, regular, and long. To figure out your perfect inseam, grasp a pair of tactical pants that fits you well without dragging on the ground, and measure the length of the inside seam from crotch to hem in inches. That number is the length of your inseam. The specific length of your inseam from 5.11 will vary proportionally to your size. The regular inseam varies from 30 to 32 inches, while the length of the long inseam ranges from 33 to 36 inches, based on size. Consider both your size and leg length to choose the best inseam for you.
  • Find the perfect fit. Once you have your new pants on, move around to get a feeling of how the pants feel in action and to assess the amount of freedom the material will provide.

Men's Tactical Ripstop Water Resistant Cargo Pants


These 5.11 Tactical Pants Women are incredibly durable with thick fabric. Since our inception, we have made thousands of tactical garments, gear, and accessories. From design to manufacturing to the field, we continue to assist law enforcement agencies and civilians in fulfilling their tactical demands. Through design and function, we try our best to produce the right gear for the right function, to face the toughest circumstances, no matter where your conditions take you. The perfect combination of affordable and tactical, Antarctica Outdoor’s tactical pants for women are ready to meet any challenge and offer durability, value, and deliver true tactical performance. It is the answer to your need of being comfortable all day long, whether you are off or on the work.


The mixtures of materials and fabrics are used to repel liquids and stains in addition to being fade and wrinkle-proof. Despite it being lightweight, it has a heavy-duty reinforcement to prevent those unsightly wear marks and increase the life of the pants. The waistband helps pants fit better and more comfortably. Even if you are not a tactical or public safety professional, these pants are still a great investment in comfortable and durable pants with lots of storage. We have vowed to give our customers high quality and high-end tactical gear and these tactical pants are no exception. Antarctica Outdoor is the apt place for you to get your hands on the best tactical pants because buying high-quality tactical things had never been easier.


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