Tactical Gear Junkie

by Judy xie on May 17, 2022

Tactical Gear Junkie


At our facility Tactical Gear Junkie, we use state of the art technology and printing machineries and equipment for the production of innumerable orders every day, month and year. The made to order design and due diligence and hard work of our talented team, along with top class quality products has led to increase demand in embroidered and custom made patches and printed good for the military, police, law enforcement agencies and general public as well. Focusing on automation and innovative design, the company is constantly on the top of industry trends setting the bars higher and higher in the world of printing and embroidery.  

 Company History and Fruition:

This business was started as a small business in 2011; started out as a small supply company for a local law enforcement school and then eventually branched out and started proper online business. Most of the clientele are mostly related to retail. So anybody can go to the website and e-commerce channels and place their desired orders.

The company takes orders from every arena be it military, police, law enforcement agencies, firefighters, civil people as well and pretty much anybody that wants a patch for what so ever reason. The main thing that sets Tactical Gear Junkie apart from other manufacturers is that we pay attention to each and every detail. We have multiple different embroidery machines., we have single heads up to a twelve head machine, so we can do twelve runs of patches at once so we are really confident of ourselves on having a large amount of machinery to produce either a small job of one patch or a large job of thousand patches and be able to turn around in about the same time frame.

So in addition to the patches the company also offers printed products. That means, if one gets his image on a patch, the company can also recreate it in a sticker or put it on a t-shirt or put it on a mug. The printed side of the business has started to take off more and more as we come up with our own original designs and also offer them to customers to go with their patches or just individually on its own.

When we have a customer that fills out a quote request on our website we have a really easy process of getting your patches done. First you fill out the quote request online, then the team will get back to you with the quote and then you can preview your patches and keep a track of your order via our online system. It is an overall easy and convenient process to get custom made patches done. We make multitude variety of patches on a daily basis. That is the very reason we take utmost pride in the top quality of our products.  


The Products and Services We Provide at Tactical Gear Junkie:

Tactical Gear Junkie sells quality tactical gear equipment and specializes in a wide range of morale patches, emblems, name tapes, and insignia. We also offer custom patches where we will create a patch you design, any shape and any size with no artwork fees or order minimums. We take pride in ourselves for economical prices being better than industry standards and most importantly and making their patches in house. Name we offer following products in different categories:

  • Patches and Accessories: under this broader category, there comes three more sub-categories; popular patches, patches by type, accessories. Popular patches include custom made patches, a wide array of funny patches, military related patches, different flag patches and sketch’s world patch. Patches by type include embroidered patches, laser cut patches, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) patches, infrared patches, printed patches, reflective patches and heat pressed vinyl patches. Whereas accessories mainly include patch books and patch mats, patch panels, hook and loop pieces, loop keychains, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) keychains.
  • Stickers, including military related, flags, funny and custom made stickers.
  • Name tapes and insignia: name tapes include all military name tags, civil and custom made name tapes. Rank insignias of all military personal. Dog tags, medic alert, chains and accessories.
  • Tactical gear includes pouches, patch panel, back and packs, communication pouches, elbow pads, handcuff pouches, modular accessories, illumination and accessories, other accessories, knee pads, leg rigs, plate carriers, tactical belts, tactical holsters, tactical slings, utility/multipurpose pouches, vest and chest rigs.
  • Apparel includes belts, condor hats, eyewear, footwear, gloves, job shirts, outerwear, patch hats, tactical hats, tactical pants, masks, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) morale hats, trucker hats, shorts


Tactical gear junkie sell wholesale and perform quite a lot of custom art work as well. We have a clear mission to deliver high quality products all across the globe with the help of cutting edge technology. From our stock designs to fully custom work, our attention to detail and world class quality have helped us maintain our position amongst others. We strive to maintain resolute quality standards and ever evolving product offerings. All of our products are available online for purchase. We only use the highest quality of fabrics and threads to produce our embroidered products. Many other online retailers who sell similar products outsource their production overseas to save on operating costs. However, we find that in many instances these products are of poor quality due to their inferior fabric and threads as well as sloppy stitching and poor quality control. This difference in quality translates to us being able to provide a consistent, long lasting and visually appealing product. We also offer various types of discounts for large number of orders. For other custom patches we offer incremental quality discounts. We make all of our patches and nametapes in our production facility. We utilize state of the art embroidery equipment and an experienced team of embroiderers, artists and quality control specialists to ensure every product we make is of the highest quality.

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