The Versatile 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

by Judy xie on May 17, 2022

The Versatile 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack


Beating all its competitors, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack offers an impressive space to its customers from all across the globe. It serves as an ultimate delight for long-range missions and all sorts of wilderness activities.

 The rationale behind the Name:

This is built as a three-day bag, 72 hours, that is from where 72 comes in, as the name of this backpack suggests. The volume of this backpack is forty-seven and a half liters of internal pack volume.

 Bag Details / Features:

This bag is constructed of thousand D nylon.

On the top of the bag, there is a very secure and strong grab handle, on each side of this handle, there are two pieces of nylon having ports for the water bladder. The upper zipper is a fleece-lined pocket, a great place to keep a mobile phone, sunglasses, or anything you do not want to get scratched; it is at the very top of the bag. In the top outside pocket, there is a self-healing YKK zipper, a mesh-lined pocket, a general open toss for anything you want to place, and a smaller pocket at the backside of it so that you can separate your items. Coming toward the larger outside pocket and right off the bat, a place of three inches for a morale patch can be seen on the outer side. There is also very heavy-duty MOLLE webbing and there is two YKK to open up this outer pocket. There is more webbing inside this pocket for zipper pockets. Inside this outer pocket, there are smaller pockets for items that have pocket clips and adhere very well in the pocket. Besides, there are their locations for pens to go as well as placing some multi-tool.

Side configurations are identical on the same sides with very large zipper pockets, these zippered pockets have webbing running up the whole length of these pockets. The space of these pockets is double the size of a water bottle. Inside each pocket, there are two small stuffed pockets, making two small compartments. These pockets can be used for putting umbrella, water bottle, sports drink, or a small raincoat. On the side of the bag, there are two compressions so that you can secure anything that is inside from any shock. These straps are present on each side of the bag.

Inside the main admin pocket of the backpack, there are two more mesh zipper pockets and another pocket that is not mesh lined. Here at the backside of the main inner pocket, there is an elastic strapped big pouch on the back. Above this pouch, there is another mesh-lined pocket.

The main compartment has the feature of opening up completely for the provision of the full room. The great thing about this clamshell design is that you can get completely inside the bag and rearrange everything. This sort of dig into the backpack is actually very expedient for traveling. On the flap, there are two different meshed zipper pockets and one regular zipper pocket.  

On the bottom of the bag, there are two drain holes in the middle, and four pieces of nylon sewn on each of the four corners, so that if you want to attach something to the bottom of the bag, For example, a sleeping bag or tent ground trap. These serve as four points of an anchor at the bottom that you can configure a system to attach something to the bottom of the bag. The most striking part of this backpack is the shove-it pocket, and as the name indicates it is a big pocket that you can shove something in, like a sleeping mat, jacket, or even a day pack.

Moving to the back panel, there are four zones of contact with the back. There is also a little space for airflow, as these four zones of contact are raised off. Underneath the lower two zones, you can stow the hip belt if you do not want those belts out for whatever reasons. This backpack has a nice hard backing (a frame pack), so you can also put a laptop of up to 13 inches, it will keep the laptop safe, and secure and keeps it from being crushed by too many items being stuffed in the main part of the backpack.

The foremost factor that makes use of 5.11. tactical rush 72 backpack most convenient is yoke shoulder strap setup, this feature distributes the weight on both shoulders and off the shoulders as well on a comfortable level with the belt system in place. These sternum straps are adjustable (with the help of C-clips) and elastic. These c-clips can be moved up and down the webbing on the yolk strap for adjusting the required height. Moving down the shoulder strap, there are two buckles on each side, these are quick-release buckles in case you need to drop your backpack according to the given scenario.

 Colors of 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack:

This versatile 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is available in five colors namely ranger green, double-tap, black, kangaroo and Multicam.


In today’s twenty-first century, where the world is pacing at a fast rate, this 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack is irresistible to buy for people across all age groups and all the countries of the world. If you are looking for a high-quality multi-purpose backpack at a reasonable price, ‘Antarctica Outdoors’ is the apt place for you to get your hands on the best backpack, because buying a high-quality backpack had never been easier. Additionally, the multiple compartments in this bag would make it comfortable and convenient to use on your excursions. ‘Antarctica Outdoors’ extends its industrious efforts to provide its customer with high-quality tactical gear. We also try our level best to ensure excellent quality and service delivery. ‘Antarctica outdoors’ offers free shipping over $45. So you would not like to miss this chance to grab this adaptable backpack.

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