The Multipurpose Tactical Sling Backpack

by Judy xie on May 17, 2022

The Multipurpose Tactical Sling Backpack


The tactical sling backpacks were originally designed to be used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Their ruggedness and practicality have made them a popular option for everyday use. Military gear has always had a place in fashion, but the combat-ready look changes quite often. Recently a new piece of military gear has started popping up on the streets – Tactical sling backpacks. This fashionable and full-of-efficacy trend makes sense as cross body bags recently blew up, but the tactical look makes the must-have trend feel fresh for this year.

 Utility of Tactical Sling Backpacks:

Tactical Sling Backpacks are essentially small backpacks that utilize a cross-body fit. The bag’s design is intended for quick access to everyday essentials like gadgets, chargers, and things like these. In addition, their smaller size and tactical organization make them ideal for an everyday carrying bag if you need a new go-to everyday bag. We highly recommend considering a tactical sling backpack to help you find the right one, which would be best suited to your preference and choice.   

 Types of Tactical Sling Backpacks:

There are the following different types of tactical sling backpacks:

  • Military anti-cut waterproof tactical range sling shoulder bag
  • Tactical pouch waist bag cell phone holster
  • Tactical dessert sports kettle pack hydration carrier
  • Tactical men military pack, assault daypack slingback
  • Concealed carry tactical sling bag for range and travel
  • Tactical military outdoor sports camera messenger bag
  • Tactical military army portable concealed pistol waist bag

Let’s have a brief look at a few of them one by one:

  • Military anti-cut waterproof tactical range sling shoulder bag:

It is an upgraded version of a water-resistant bag made up with the lining of high-density nylon fabric, which makes it lighter than the polyester material bags. It is compact and lightweight with two front zipper bags, one main zipper bag, one padded backpack, a card bag, and a personalized armband so that the user’s belongings can be put in proper order. Coming towards the finishing of this backpack, it is double stitched with heavy-duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls. The handle of this tactical sling backpack is made up of umbrella rope with a manual knitting fabric technique. The single shoulder strap is comfortably adjustable. Whereas webbing on the sides for carrying water bottles, emergency tools, etc. It is a multi-purpose bag, which can be worn as a shoulder bag, chest or back bag, and handbag. This backpack is available in brown, back, and black camo colors.

  • Tactical pouch waist bag cell phone holster:

The one is water and wear resistance and is made up of Cardura nylon. It also has multiple pockets which give enough space for carrying keys, charges, mobile phones, ID cards, cash, and headphone. It has two compartments with two zippers with meshed inner layer and hook. It also comes with a buckle strap. This type of tactical sling backpack is available in coyote brown, camo, dark camo, ACU camo, and black colors.

  • Tactical dessert sports kettle pack hydration carrier:

This is also waterproof with a convenient alloy clasp, nylon adjustable belt, multiple plug-in systems, and drain hole and it can be hung on a backpack with webbing or a belt. In short, this tactical sports hydration carrier can serve very well for multipurpose functions, like mini excursions.

  • Tactical men military pack, assault daypack sling backpack:

This tactical military sling backpack is available in black, dark camo, brown, and CP camo colors. This type of bag is a military handbag, tactical sling bag, and outdoor shoulder bag; all in one, with two main compartments and one removable shoulder carrying strap with an easy-to-release buckle on it. The top handle is in a nylon Paracord and then there is a military patch panel and molle system on its exterior. Another important eye-catching feature of this backpack is that it is a large-capacity portable backpack with a detachable compartment. This concealed carrying bag gives access to more accessories for your range day.  

  • Concealed carries tactical sling bag for range and travel:

This type of tactical sling backpack is mainly used for range and traveling. It comes in black and dark camo. It can be best used for left-handed positions with one size holster for right. This versatile sling bag is mainly made up of nylon and intricate needlework with an elastic chest band. It has one front pocket with a durable buckle on the top of the backpack. This tactical gun bag is an outdoor shoulder bag that provides quick access for a handgun with multiple pocket capacity. It is water and wear-resistant.   

  • Tactical military outdoor sports camera messenger bag:

A MOLLE tactical backpack with a MOLLE system, which is a combination of small tools which effectively improves the expansion ability of the bag pack. This multipurpose bag pack comes in ACU camo, desert camo, tan, black, and jungle camo colors. This kind of bag is perfect for students, outdoor activities, hikers, campers’ hunters, and military personnel. The material with which it is made up is waterproof, mainly composed of nylon and oxford fiber. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a detachable pad and a quick-release buckle. It has spongy mesh pads on the back providing comfortable and high ventilation. Additionally, it also has fully adjustable shoulder straps. And then there is a patch attachment on the backside of the bag for holding several things. It is best for carrying professional cameras.

  • Tactical military army portable concealed pistol waist bag:

This unisex concealed gun bag is so apt for all sizes of pistols and revolvers. It also meets the multipurpose storage needs of the majority of people who like to indulge in cycling, hunting, hiking, and outdoor shooting. You can wear it in a wide variety of ways, on the hips, chest, waist, and shoulders as per your own need. Foam padding on the back is designed for the comfort of the user and load reduction, hence it is lighter to carry.


The multipurpose Tactical Sling Backpack is a wide range of unisex multipurpose bag packs. Antarctica outdoors extends its diligent efforts for its customer satisfaction. We ship orders all across the globe. So do not wait a moment, and buy these backpacks from Antarctica Outdoor for high quality, utmost satisfaction, and quick and timely delivery.  


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