Tactical Range Backpack

by Judy xie on Jun 15, 2022

Tactical Range Backpack


Tactical Range Backpack is a sort of hybrid professional riffle bag designed for the range, in order to keep all range-related things organized. It carries a lot of ammo and weight like a duffel, has adjustable compartments for keeping ammunition and related gear, and it is extremely comfortable to carry like a proper backpack. The backpack handles a lot of weight quite well and manages to keep the center of gravity close to the person. Range bags and tactical bags are really similar to camera bags in that everyone’s chosen load out is a little different.


Utility of Tactical Range Backpacks:

The Tactical Range Backpacks were originally designed to be used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Their ruggedness and practicality have made them a popular option for everyday use. But with the advent of time, these backpacks have become popular among the general populace owing to the multi-purpose utility and space it offers.


Product Specifications:

3.63 Kg tactical range backpack is majorly designed and constructed of Nylon material. To be precise, it has been constructed with heavy-duty 600D nylon fabric from both exterior and interior sides. The advantage of using polyester in range bags is that polyester does not hold water or stretch the way wet Nylon does, so the bag holds its shape better in the rain. The second advantage that polyester has over Nylon here is abrasion resistance. So you do not have to worry about where are you going to place the bag, be it a gravel floor or rough concrete. A polyester bag will last a bit longer than a Nylon bag in those environments. Whereas on the contrast, Nylon gets really soft at temperatures that you can still touch with your bare hands. Polyester is much less sensitive to heat, so if you leave your bag in a hot car, you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape.

 Gun Range Bag

It has been padded from all sides for enhanced protection. The protection pad is also removable and can be used as a shooting mat as an alternative. This backpack comes with dual lockable zippers which can be used to keep the exquisite armaments safe, secure, and sound from any damage. Coming to the space this tactical backpack provides. It can hold up to two riffles and two pistols. It has a deluxe rifle case with double riffle carrying capacity along with extra added padded protection. Additionally, on the front side of this backpack, there is requisite space for storing range accessories with three front pockets.


All of these vital structures are meant to offer discrete combat advantages. They are also made with a militaristic appearance, featuring colors like coyote brown, black, or camouflage patterns.

 Tactical Waist Bag

Why You Should Buy a Small Tactical Backpack?

Here are a few quick reasons for buying a Tactical Range Backpack:

  • Accessibility:With this type of back Pack it is a lot easier to access your valuable item immediately without any hassle and without wasting any time, as compared to a conventional backpack. Whereas in a backpack you have to go through the whole process of unwrapping the strap.
  • Travel Friendly:It is a lot more travel friendly. these are perfect to bring them around for day activities like shooting,
  • More compartment space:This term itself is self-explanatory. Sometimes having your essentials like keys in your pant pockets can be cumbersome especially if you are wearing tight-fitting pants, and the phone or keys are bulging out of your pant pockets. Sometimes this can be a good alternative without using your pockets. In addition to that, you have a few more things to carry few more things.
  • Adjustable Compartments:With its adjustable compartments, this bag helps in keeping the gear in an accurately organized condition.


Practical Benefits of Buying a Tactical Range Backpack:

  • A tactical range backpack is an ideal option for outdoor adventures or even for everyday activities, as it provides optimal storage space.
  • Safety is another foremost benefit of having a small tactical backpack. As it protects all the essential expensive accessories with its latest lockable zipper locks with a number lock system.
  • Its fabric is modeled which is not tough to carry.
  • These prove to be very useful. They can be utilized for carrying along with small clothes, sunglasses, books, mobile phones, keys, chargers, and other required things which you may need while being out.
  • It is spacious enough to adjust to your basic needs.
  • This bag is lightweight and easy to carry all day long.  


Available Colors of Tactical Range Backpack:

This backpack is available in four colors including dark camo, black, tan, and gray.

 Tactical Gun Range Double Hand Gun Carrying Case with Lock


This tactical bag can comfortably store and carry a reasonable quantity of ammo and ammo-related things for a long day at thrilling outdoor activities like tactical shooting, hunting, and many other range activities. This Tactical range backpack is equivalent to a standard tactical backpack. It has been calculatedly designed to help the military, hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. There are, however, lots of variables that influence comfort levels. Antarctica Outdoors offers some amazing offers to avail, so do not wait to buy this tactical range multipurpose backpack at a very affordable rate. We also offer a warranty of 180 days; besides, we also have a 30-day exchange policy. We hope that the aforementioned information would be helpful for you to buy a tactical backpack as per your needs. We hope that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in choosing the range bag that will meet and exceed your desires. Happy shopping dear customers!

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